When are there too many drums? I’m not talking about notes in a recording, I’m talking about physical drums in one place.

I am sitting here in my basement looking at a whole buncha drumkits. I’ve got the first kit I bought with my own money: a double kick set of Tama Superstars in the rare Aqua Marine finish. It saw a lot of road use, and is pretty banged up and essentially unplayable. Then there’s my 8-piece Tama Starclassic Birch kit with a Bill Bruford Signature snare and some octobans—still in gorgeous condition and sounds great. And the real monster: my Tama Starclassic Bubingas: extra-deep double kick, 7 toms, God knows how many cymbals. I’ve even got the sad remains of some Simmons electronics, and an early set of Roland V-Drums.

So why do I keep all this crap? Mainly to piss off my wife (kidding, honey!). The truth is my first ever kit was a little set of chrome Slingerlands that Mom and Dad bought for me when I was in 9th grade. It was a great little kit, but I was more than happy to ditch it when I bought those first Tama Superstars. Most likely I sold it to some dweeb for a hundred bucks or less. I found out many years later that the little Slingerland kit was worth some serious coin. So I’ve been reluctant to sell anything ever since.

But this basement full of drums is ridiculous. It’s probably time to get rid of some of it. Maybe…

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