The Band

We are a progressive rock band from Fargo North Dakota. This tells you a great deal about our collective intelligence. We play progressive rock, therefore we do not make any money or attract an audience. We live in Fargo, so we spend our time either freezing our asses off, getting bit by mosquitoes, bracing against high winds, or fighting floods. And we drink a lot.

As you have probably figured out by now, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Consider us the Type O Negative of Prog, without the success or huge armadillos in our trousers (actually we do have huge armadillos in our trousers, but don’t like to brag…). Spend some time digging around our site. If you like our music, that’s great! If you don’t, we aren’t going to lose any sleep over it. Here’s a nifty little chart showing you why it really doesn’t matter wether or not you like our music:

If you like it:
  • Scarlett Johansson will be hot
  • The Vikings will not win a Super Bowl
  • The word “retard” will never be PC
  • Viv Savage will own Jordan Rudess
  • Stripper sweat will smell weird
  • We will drink lots of beer
If you don’t like it:
  • Scarlett Johansson will still be hot
  • The Vikings will not win a Super Bowl
  • The word “retard” will never be PC
  • Viv Savage will still own Jordan Rudess
  • Stripper sweat will still smell weird
  • We will still drink lots of beer

So you see, it really doesn’t matter. Enjoy the site!

Marty Halgrimson

Marty_4Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

Marty is probably best known as a founding member of the mighty Mata Hari, and for melting guitars with his blazing fret work. He has been playing professionally since high school, and works as an audio / video engineer and part-time Sasquatch impersonator.

Marty plays a custom made Paul Reed Smith guitar and Marshall amplification thru a rack with all sorts of blinky lights and knobs on it. It is all held together with duct tape and 20 years of accumulated bar scudge. He also has some of those acoustic-type guitars that don’t need amps. But he plays em through amps anyway just to be louder.


Age: Remembers buying “2112” off the New Releases rack. With his own money.
Favorite guitarists: Pat Metheny, Steve Howe, Nigel Tufnel
Favorite bands: Yes, Spock’s Beard, Bread
Preferred drink: Miller Genuine Draft


Marty Factoids:

  • Marty has only owned 4 electric guitars in his entire life. That equals more notes per guitar than anyone else. Ever.
  • His hair grows so fast he has an annual hair cut budget of $6,000
  • He can play the guitar solo to Hot For Teacher even when he’s too drunk to stand up
  • On a trip between Fargo and Billings, Marty once ate 11 family size bags of Nacho Cheesier Doritos
  • He can pass the “Touch your fingers to your thumb” drunk test even after he has passed out
  • Marty can change a guitar string in 17 seconds
  • His favorite food is Haggis
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Johnny Holland

Johnny_3Drums, Percussion

Johnny has an affectation for excessively large drum kits which do not fit on most stages, thusly forcing other band members to set up on the dance floor. This is not problematic because nobody dances to our music anyway. By day Johnny is a mild-mannered art director.

Johnny plays Tama Starclassic Bubinga drums, which he claims are the coolest thing ever in the history of the universe, with the possible exception of those little pre-sliced, individually wrapped slices of cheese. Johnny also uses a Roland sampling pad with many blinky lights and clever knobs. He has no idea what any of them do.


Age: Started losing hair in high school so what does it really matter?
Favorite drummers: Peart, Bruford, Bozzio, Gina from the Go-Go’s
Favorite bands: Yes, Rush, Ice Q Hip Clone Rap T-Dog
Preferred drink: Any quality beer


Johnny Factoids:

  • The top of Johnny’s head is the only part of any human visible from space
  • The first thing Marty ever said to Johnny was “Watch the fuck out, man” as Johnny bashed his floor tom into Marty’s guitar at the high school talent show. They started a band the next day
  • He once urinated on a police car from a ninth story hotel balcony
  • His bass drum foot gets drunk about 90 minutes before the rest of him does
  • He cannot play and talk at the same time. Marty often amuses himself during performances by asking Johnny confusing questions such as “Would you like a beer?” or “Would you like another beer”
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Mick Klein

Mick_4Vocals, Bass

Mick has been playing and singing since grade school, which in relation to Marty and Johnny was about three weeks ago. By day Mick is an international spy.

Mick sings into whatever mic we put in front of him. He plays a Fender Jazz Bass thru Fender and/or Ampeg amplification, through a rack with many blinky lights. It all weighs a shit-ton and he is never around when it needs to be moved. He also has one of those big six-stringy bass things which produces 50% more bass than a regular bass. Or something like that. He occasionally plays guitar, too.

Mick uses Elixir Strings exclusively, because they prevent him from sounding like shit regardless of how much Captain Morgan he has consumed.


Age: Just a pup. Comparatively.
Favorite bass players: John Myung, Dave Meros, that hot chick from the Bangels
Favorite singers: Lajon from Sevendust, Geoff Tate, Ethel Merman
Favorite bands: Dream Theater, REM, Any NSync solo project
Preferred drink: Alcohol


Mick Factoids

  • Mick knows Kung-Fu
  • He has never ruptured his nut sack while singing the high note at the end of Have a Drink on Me
  • When Marty and Johnny played their first gig, Mick was 7 years old and thought Luke Skywalker was cooler than Traci Lords
  • He is the only person to have touched Marty’s Paul Reed Smith guitar and live.
  • He is capable of singing and playing in two different keys simultaneously
  • Mick once ate a pizza that was over 7 weeks old
  • He is a gourmet chef (dunno how this works with the previous fact)
  • He was born in New Zealand
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