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So, you are probably wondering not only how we managed to make Airwaive, but how we did it in just EIGHT SHORT YEARS.

First, we had to seriously curb our beer intake. Once we got down to 8 or 12 beers a day (each), things just sort of fell into place. In fact, we could have finished it in about 18 months except:

  • We decided to make 78 minutes of fairly complicated music. All at once.
  • Mick’s Evil Giant Corporation transferred him to another city for two years. Then they fired his ass. Those guys totally suck.
  • There was a friggin’ biblical flood. Almost literally.
  • Marty got sidetracked with another “job opportunity” in another city for six months.
  • While Marty was sidetracked, Mick joined another band to pass the time.
  • Not wanting to be one-upped, Johnny joined a metal band full of smokin’ hot chicks half his age. It was rather difficult to get his attention after that…
  • Marty contracted Dengue Fever while in the Gulf of Mexico filming a documentary on giant squid.


And that’s just the normal stuff.**

So there you have it. The secret to making an album in less than a decade. Queen and Pink Floyd: we hope you are paying attention.

** Unlike most of the stuff on this site, all of this shit is actually true.